A window into Bounce

A window into Bounce
  • A window into Bounce
    A window into Bounce
  • Co-Founder: Andy (Mr Bounce)
    Co-Founder: Andy (Mr Bounce)
  • Co-Founder: Paula (Mrs Bounce)
    Co-Founder: Paula (Mrs Bounce)
  • The future
    The future
  • The Bounce Effect
    The Bounce Effect
  • Creating a culture
    Creating a culture

Bounce was founded in 2004 by Aussie couple Paula and Andy Hannagan, who had a big idea and the balls to invest what little savings they had into bringing Bounce to life.

Both Paula and Andy have backgrounds in health and fitness but this was their first foray into the nutrition world. They built the business from the ground up. In the early days, they used their garage as a warehouse and Andy knocked on retailer doors offering to sell his balls (…a humorous anecdote that’s still a running joke).

Together, Paula and Andy are passionate, enthusiastic, love life and get a kick out of helping people feel good. They live and breathe the Bounce philosophy and continue to grab life – stretching and challenging themselves to see what’s possible for themselves and the brand, whilst contributing as much as they can to the lives of others.

What we live by

Eat Good

It's not just about eating our products

It’s about choosing natural, nutritious foods as a basis of our diet and avoiding nasty artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

It's also about honouring the food we eat… being grateful for it and celebrating it.

Feel Good

More than just a healthy lifestyle

It’s about being real: riding life’s roller-coaster of ups and downs with courage and embracing the feelings that go with it.

It’s about approaching life with a curious mind, a sense of gratitude and a desire to grow.

Do Good

Share the good with others

It’s about taking care of our environment, considering the needs of others and doing our bit to contribute.

It's about helping out a stranger, giving a friend a hug, having a cuppa with your neighbour.