Macushla Montell

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My success is not negotiable

A bit about Macushla Montell

Macushla was born into a family of achievers and saw them win and lose through various business ventures ranging from agriculture to the rag trade and health and fitness. Macushla opened her first business, a dance studio in Sydney, at 16 years of age and later sold it for a healthy profit. She went on to launch her own fashion label, opened a restaurant, worked in the airline industry and in her twenties became a property millionaire. With a broad knowledge of the business and corporate sector and an innate desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives, Macushla attained a Master’s degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy and now practices as an Executive Coach. Macushla believes that awareness, responsibility, determination and a sense of humour are the keys to success.

I train every morning and I never leave home without a Bounce ball and my mobile phone … the first is about starting the day on a high and the second is about grabbing every business opportunity I can! I’m home for a shower and a corporate makeover, then I make sure I pack some Bounce balls with me so I have a quick energy boost in between meetings. I facilitate a lot of meetings and love to share Bounce balls with my high energy clients throughout the day. – Macushla Montell

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