Dilan Carestia

Category: Water Sports
Tossed by the waves but it will not sink

A bit about Dilan Carestia

Dilan learnt to bodyboard and surf at his home beach of  Maroubra, where he eventually became co-founder and first president of the Maroubra Bodyboarder’s Club. A regular on the podium at local, state and national events and member of the NSW team, Dilan now hopes to continue developing the young wave riders at Maroubra, in between his travels that take him around the world looking for waves and good times. While he competes on a bodyboard, he rides everything from longboards to surfmats. Recently, Dilan lead a group of locals from Maroubra to the Central Coast Beach Fest and placed 3rd overall.

Bounce balls have become a part of my daily routine since a friend put me onto them. I have them in between competition heats, long free-surfs, on my work break, and during swim coaching and laps. I’ve even started taking them in my carry-on bag for flights and for a snack whilst travelling.  – Dilan Carestia

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