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The Bounce Effect

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Media Statement – Apple Cinnamon Product Recall

Media Statement – 08 March 2017

Stephen Hamilton – CEO Bounce Australia

“Bounce has initiated a product recall of Bounce Apple Cinnamon Natural Energy Ball due to an error printed on the packaging which incorrectly states that the product is dairy free. This error was made at our printer who did not change the identification cylinder for this area of the packet prior to printing this flavour. Bounce has not received any reports of consumers affected but those who have a dairy allergy or intolerance may have a reaction if the product is consumed as it contains dairy in the form of whey protein.”

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The best before date range for the batches in question are: B.B. 21JUL17; B.B. 19AUG17; B.B. 02SEP17; B.B. 26NOV17.

Consumers who have a dairy allergy or intolerance should not consume this product and dispose of it immediately.

For a refund or product replacement to another flavour, Bounce welcomes customers to make contact via email with a photo of their Apple Cinnamon product/s, name, postal address, bank details and phone number.

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